1. The Habits we develop will develop us. Choose good ones. (2Pet.1:5-9)
  2. Grateful People Are Happy People. Be Happy Daily! (1Thess.5:18)
    Eternity is forever. Present time is precious; use it daily for God’s purposes! (Matt.6:33)
  3. The Great Physician says *Bad Language isn’t a tongue-issue, but a Heart Disease. (Lk.6:45, Col.3:8)
  4. Saying we have ‘room to grow’ is admitting our need for daily repentance. Daily walk toward God, daily improve, daily grow. (Mtt.3:8-10)
  5. May we nourish the fruit of goodness to produce an abundance of benevolence.” (Mtt.11,12)
  6. Genuine benevolence & forgiveness is only possible if biblical love is present. (Eph.4:32)
  7. We’re all guilty of ‘good undone.’ May love compel more deeds ‘well done.’ (Mtt.9,10)
  8. It’s true that by [people’s] fruits, you can know them.” Therefore, by our fruits, (behavior & consequences), people can know us as well. (Mtt.7,8)
  9. Humility prevents competence from turning into arrogance. (Phil.2,Gal.6)
  10. Humble Servants are “the best among us.”(Matt.23:11)
    People talk about what they’re passionate about. (Now Read 1Cor.15:1-4; Mk.16:15-16)
  11. Our Passion Becomes Our Mission. What Is Your Heart Seeking. (Mtt.5,6)
  12. Christ came for a purpose and accomplished His mission. (Jn.10:10)
  13. For Jesus to be your Savior, He must be your Lord. (Lk.6:46; Mk.16:16)
  14. According to God, it matters what we ‘honestly and sincerely’ believe. (Jn.4:24)
  15. A Deadly Virus: False Teaching. The Antidote: God’s Word. (Gal.1:8)
  16. The best way to stand-out from a crowd is to agree with God. (Josh.24:15)
  17. If Faith is ‘earnest trust,’ then never doubt God. (Heb.11:6)

20. “Merely *knowing ABOUT Jesus doesn’t produce a new life; *obedient belief IN Him does. (Mtt.13,14)

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